The Board of Industrial Training

Ms. Maria Khelawan, Chief Executive Officer/Executive Secretary Ms. Maria Khelawan, Chief Executive Officer/Executive Secretary

The Board of Industrial training was established under the Industrial Training Act Chapter 39:04 of the Laws of Guyana. Its membership comprises representatives of employers, and employees' organizations along with Government representation, under the chairmanship of the Minister of Labour.


Mr. Clinton Williams - Chairman
Mr. Nowrang Persaud - Vice-Chairman
Mr. Jairam Petam
Mr. Desmond Morian
Mrs. Rosemarie Terborg-Davis
Mr. Aslim Singh
Mr. Azzam Pasha Mohamed
Mr. Patrick Findlay
Mr. Denis Jaikaran
Mr. Michael Turner
Mr. Tarachand Balgobin
Mr. Hydar Ally

As part of its mandate the Board is committed to provide training opportunities for youths, apprentices and single parents, thereby equipping them with marketable skills in a variety of occupations, in various sectors including engineering, building construction, electrical, home economics, information technology and clerical, medical and forestry.

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World Day Against Child Labour

Guyana joins voices across the globe to call for the elimination of Child Labour, which is work that deprives children of their child hood.

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