Central Recruitment and Manpower Agency

Chief Central Recruitment and Manpower Officer: Ms. Valarie Moore Chief Central Recruitment and Manpower Officer: Ms. Valarie Moore

The Central Recruitment and Manpower Agency is a division of the Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security that interacts with employers and persons seeking jobs to facilitate job placements. This Agency, formerly known as the Employment Exchange, was established by the Government of Guyana in October 1944, for the purpose of collecting and furnishing information to employers who wish to recruit workers and persons who are seeking employment.

The agency registers applicants for employment, taking specific note of their occupational qualifications, experiences and desires, and interviews them for employment and evaluates, if necessary, their physical and vocational abilities.


To place individuals seeking jobs in suitable employment and provide career guidance and counseling.


  • Register unemployed persons seeking employment
  • Maintain a record of notified vacancies mainly in the public and private sectors
  • Match jobseekers with vacancies and arrange interviews for job seekers
  • Provide advice and career guidance and counselling to those seeking employment

Employers seeking staff:

Send your vacancies to us listing:
Job titles
Job description
Basic qualifications/skills required
Renumeration package
Contact information and application deadline

Job seekers Come into our offices with your original documents:

Identification (ID card/passport, birth certificate)
Valid Police Clearance
Driver's license
Qualifications, if any.

Our Successes

  2011 2012 2013
Persons Registered For Jobs 2919 2825 3099
Number of Placements Made 2009 2862 2596

CRMA 2013 Workshop in Region Five

Categories of work:

  • Clerical and office support: Supervisors, Typist Clerks, and Customer Service Reps., Receptionists.
  • Craft and related workers: Welders, Drivers, Fitter Machinist, Mechanics, Machine Operators
  • Skilled, Semi Skilled and unclassified: Factory workers, Cleaners Sales Clerks, Labourers, Security Officers Bag Bay attendant, Porters, Counter clerks, masons, carpenters etc.

The CRMA has offices in Georgetown and outlying Regions, as follows:

For further information, visit or contact us at the Central Recruitment and Manpower Agency at:-

Head Office: SIMAP Building
237 Camp Street
Telephone No. (592)-225-3032

Region # 2:- Regional Democratic Building
Anna Regina
Essequibo Coast
Telephone No.: (592)- 771-5162

Region # 5:- Regional Democratic Building
Fort Wellington
West Coast Berbice

Region # 6:-Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security
21 Princess Elizabeth Road
New Amsterdam
Telephone No: (592)-333-2885

Our services are free. Register with us today at

We can assist you in finding the right person for the job, or the right job for you!

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