The Cooperative Department

Chief Cooperative Development Officer, Ms. Carol Valz Chief Cooperative Development Officer, Ms. Carol Valz

The Cooperative Department of the Ministry of Labour has responsibility for registering, monitoring, regulating and cancelling Cooperative Societies and Friendly Societies.


To guide, support, monitor and regulate Co-operatives Development in the ten Administrative Regions of Guyana, specifically, Co-operative Societies and Friendly Societies.


The Department executes the following functions in pursuit of its mission:

  • Work with and encourage the Apex Body and other secondary bodies to assume responsibility for the Co-operative Movement.
  • Process registration and cancellation in accordance with the Co-operative and Friendly Societies Act.
  • Review and keep up-to-date the legal framework within which Co-operatives and Friendly Societies operate.
  • Arrange for the audit of the records of the Co-operative and Friendly Societies.
  • Inquire and investigate into the Constitution and financial conditions of societies and settle disputes relating to the affairs of Co-operative Societies by means of Arbitration under the Co-operative Societies Act.
  • Provide staff for training and development of members of societies.
  • Assess the performance of Co-operative Development in the Regions and give advice and technical guidance as may be required.
  • Liaise with other Divisions, Ministries and Organizations that assist in Co-operative Development.

For more information, contact the Department on telephone number (592)225-8644 or visit us at

1 Water and Cornhill Streets,

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Carol Valz

Chief Cooperative Development Officer 

1 Water & Cornhill Streets,
Stabroek Georgetown,
Tel. # (592)-225-8644

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