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  • The Cooperative Department

    The Cooperative Department of the Ministry of Labour has responsibility for registering, monitoring, regulating and cancelling Cooperative Societies and Friendly Societies. MISSION To guide, support, monitor and regulate Co-operatives Development in the...
  • Every industrial establishment must be registered

    Every industrial establishment (every business) must be registered with the Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security - Occupational Safety and Health Act
  • Central Recruitment and Manpower Agency

    Chief Central Recruitment and Manpower Officer: Ms. Valarie Moore The Central Recruitment and Manpower Agency is a division of the Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security that interacts with employers and persons seeking jobs to...
  • Getting to Zero at Work: voices of governments, employers and workers

    The ILO's "Getting to Zero at Work" campaign gives the opportunity to leaders of governments and key organizations to recognize the significant contribution of the world of work to the HIV response. This video is a collection of short messages from...
  • Recommendations concerning HIV and AIDS and the World of Work, 2010

    as led to the loss of the livelihoods of millions of persons living with or affected by HIV and AIDS. Its effects are concentrated among the most productive age groups and it imposes huge costs on enterprises through falling productivity, increased labour costs and the loss of skills and experience. In addition, fundamental rights at work are often violated on the basis of real or perceived HIV status, particularly through discrimination and stigmatization directed at workers living with and affecte
  • Making decent work a reality for migrant workers

    nt workers should have access to the same rights and protections as national workers, but often end up in situations of exploitation and abuse at work. They often work for poor wages, with little to no social protection and are often the subject of labour market discrimination. During and beyond the 2013 UN General Assembly High-level Dialogue on International Migration and Development, the ILO will continue to promote effectively operating labour markets offering decent work to all workers, includi
  • cap9804 Wages Council
  • cap9803 Trade Unions
  • cap9805 Employment Exchanges
  • cap9806 Recruiting of Workers
  • cap9901Employment of Young Persons and Children
  • cap1907 Public Holidays
  • cap9902 Holidays with Pay
  • cap9906 Bakeriesc(Hours of Work)
  • cap9504 Steam Boilers Regulation
  • cap9905Accidental Deaths and Workmen's Injuries (Compensation)
  • cap5401 Public Utility Undertakings and Public Health Services Arbitration
  • cap9909 Prevention of Discrimination
  • cap9907 Household Service Workers (Hours of Work)
  • The Board of Industrial Training

    The Board of Industrial training was established under the Industrial Training Act Chapter 39:04 of the Laws of Guyana. Its membership comprises representatives of employers, and employees' organizations along with Government representation, under the...

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