The US Department of Labour, ILO HIV Project

The US Department of Labour, ILO HIV Project

The Government of Guyana partnered with the United States Department of Labour, and the International Labour Organisation on an HIV Workplace Project. This project ran from 2003-2014 and saw funding from the United States Department of Labour between the years 2003 and 2006 to the tune of US$397,000 and between the period 2006 and 2012 about US$1M was received through PEPFAR.

The Government of Guyana's contribution was the release of workers and participants within the government sector to participate. The project had a national coordinator and was effectively and independently supervised by the National Tripartite Committee, comprising the Ministry of Labour and its social partners: the Guyana Trades Union Congress and the Federation of independent Trade Unions (FITUG), and the Consultative Association of Guyanese Industry Limited (CAGI).

The project benefits included the crafting of the HIV/AIDS regulations, which was gazetted and tabled in the National Assembly. Also, a National HIV/AIDS Policy was developed and distributed to employers and employees. This initiative saw a partnership formed with 33 companies in various sectors and about 30,000 employees being trained during that period to raise education and awareness about HIV/AIDS at the workplace, particularly in security, mining, manufacturing, media, banking and agricultural companies.

With the end of that programme, the National Tripartite body oversees and monitor compliance with the HIV/AIDS regulations and other related issues at workplaces.


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